Will Young wants to duet with Bjork.

The 'Jealousy' hitmaker admits there is an ''endless'' list of stars he wants to collaborate with, but the Icelandic singer is at the top.

He said: ''I would like to work with so many people. Bjork, Prince. I'd like to sing with Annie Lennox. Just musically, loads of things, the list is endless.''

Will is known for his quirky pop videos and has a number of other ideas he wants to tackle in his musical films, even though his biggest dream keeps being turned down.

He explained: ''I want to do boules, I'd like to be an upholsterer. I'd take over on Antiques Roadshow to be an expert on Victorian dolls. Morris Dancers. I'd like to work with some Morris dancers. But I've learned not to keep asking people to try and do a Morris dancing video because they'll say no.''

In his 10-year pop career Will says one of the biggest lessons he has learned is to be careful with his microphone as he has caused injury to himself more than once.

Asked what he has learned, he said: ''Be careful with your mic technique because sometimes you hit yourself in the teeth and it hurts, and people hear it so you can't really cover it up.''

Will takes to the stage at Epsom Downs racecourse tomorrow (12.07.12) for Epsom Live. Further information about the event can be found at www.epsomdowns.co.uk/live