Will Young might have been telling the Daily Telegraph last month that he has designs on being the next David Attenborough, but he'll have to tone his language down first if he wants to go on a pre-watershed television program. The pop star found himself in hot water this week when swearing live on radio during BBC Radio 2's Hyde Park London show.
It's understood that Young was frustrated at some vocal problems, having been ill before the concert. He told fans at the beginning of his set, "I'm so sorry everybody but as you can hear I'm afraid I'm having a real problem with my voice, which is really upsetting because I've only ever missed one gig in 10 years. I'm going to do my best for you guys."
However The Metro reported that the 32 year-old then went on to turn the air blue on completion of his five song performance, saying "Thank you so much for being so patient with me. I really look forward to seeing you again when I'm in finer voice. Oh, and it's f***ing raining!" Realising his error he then committed another one in the apology; 'Oh sorry, are we on radio? Sorry. I was doing really well as well. Oh well, f*** it."

An understandably irate Radio 2 official hastily issued an apology to listeners, stating "I'd just like to apologise for some of the language you're hearing at the moment. It's live from Hyde Park but our apologies if anyone's offended."