The Leave Right Now singer, who found fame on U.K. talent show Pop Idol, reveals he has battled severe anxiety for years, and was finally diagnosed with the condition in 2012, while he was starring in a West End revival of Cabaret.

In a pre-taped interview for London Live's London Real programme, he says, "PTSD is a thing I learned about because I got it, I had a breakdown, after my fifth album, called Echoes."

Young reveals on the surface his life was "perfect", but things "slowly began to unravel".

He continues, "Then I went into theatre, did Cabaret for the first time, and then I got PTSD and got depersonalisation and derealisation, which is when your body can't cope with the flooding of emotions from the past, so it shuts down.

"I couldn't see my face in the mirror, I couldn't recognise places or family or friends."

He sought professional help at London trauma centre Khiron House, and credits his therapist with officially pinpointing his problem, saving him from falling into a deep depression.

"It was my therapist that said, 'I think you've got trauma'," he recalls. "If it wasn't for her I think I'd probably be on a cocktail of medication and probably would've killed myself."

Young, 37, did not discuss whether his PTSD was related to a specific trauma, but he has been open about the struggles he faced hiding his sexuality during his youth. He 'came out' as a homosexual in 2002, before he could be 'outed' in a newspaper article.

The news of Will's condition emerges days after he quit U.K. reality show Strictly Come Dancing, citing "personal reasons" for walking away from the ballroom dance competition.