Will Young is re-launching his stage career.

The 32-year-old singer - who made his stage debut in Noel Coward's 'The Vortex' in 2007 in Manchester, North West England - has been "in discussions" about treading the boards once again but remained tight-lipped on the details of the production.

He said: "I have been in discussions about going on the stage again, and I hope it is something I will be able to announced before too long."

Will - who shot to fame in 2002 after winning TV talent contest 'Pop Idol' - admitted he could be taking tips from Ralph Fiennes after recently producing a documentary about the actor's film version of 'Coriolanus'.

He added: "There is an exceptional passion to his acting."

Despite his performance in 'The Vortex' not being critically well-received, Will explained although he as a sensitive nature, he was "strangely unaffected" by it.

He told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: "I was strangely unaffected by the negative reviews."

The new role could see the singer get naked, as he recently admitted he is "Shameless" and totally prepared to shed his clothes for an acting role.

Will explained: "I've got my clothes off before and I'll do it again for a role. I'm definitely not shy, in fact, I'd say I'm shameless - especially if people are offering me money.'