Will Young has admitted that he used to record his early demo material in a car park.

The singer has gone on to enjoy a successful solo career since winning Pop Idol back in 2002.

However, he has revealed that his first forays into music when he was trying to attract the attention of record labels were a little more low-key

"When I was at university in Exeter, I used to go to a car park and sing there because the acoustics were really good," Music News quotes him as saying.

"Then I'd record it and send the tapes into record companies."

He added that he had always wanted to be a singer, despite undertaking a three-year degree in politics.

"I'm getting a better songwriter. I'd never written before Pop Idol, I've been learning as I go along," he added.

Will released his last album LET IT GO last year, which featured the hit single Changes.

03/03/2009 11:42:50