Will Young is reportedly set to become a spiritual guru.

The 'Leave Right Now' hitmaker - who found fame winning the TV talent show 'Pop Idol' in 2002 - is said to have ''lost his way'' with music after being dropped by his record label last year and has instead decided to share his skills in meditation with people who need guidance.

A source said: ''Will's music career has lost its way a little so it has come to the point where he needs to start turning his head to other projects.

''His new move might be surprising but it something very important to him. He has practised mindfulness for years and wants to share his advice and help others.''

Will's last song 'Summer Covers' was self-released and downloaded just 1,161 times - and the lack of interest in the track was apparently the final straw for the 38-year-old star.

The insider told The Sun newspaper: ''Island Records parted ways with him last year despite the fact his album went to No1 which meant he decided to self-release his EP himself.

''It is difficult to know how many physical copies he sold but the downloads alone were poor, reaching just over 1,000 in total.''

The 'Joy' star previously revealed he had a visitation from a dead friend during one meditation session.

Will learned about ''visualisation meditation'' while on a fasting retreat and finds the experience of seeing spirits bathed in ''golden light'' gives him a feeling of ''complete goodness''.

Speaking in 2016, he exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''I went on a fasting retreat in and we did visualisation meditation and ever since then I've done.

''It's all about the light, and some people that have passed away. I had a friend who passed away two years ago, Jo McCormack, she did all my A&R for all my records, this is the first record she hasn't done and it was really hard to not have her around.

''And immediately when she died, she popped up, and they're bathed in light, they've just got like all around.''