British pop star Will Young has spent the last 12 months battling "horrendous" depression, wasting thousands on cars and houses and developing an addiction to porn.

The Leave Right Now hitmaker has begun taking anti-depressants and attending weekly therapy sessions after sinking into a downward spiral of alcohol abuse and low self-esteem last year (11).

Opening up about his low, Young tells Britain's Style magazine, "It's been horrendous. I had to go - and wanted to go - on pills. (It was) my second time. The first time I wasn't so aware. I was still drinking, still smoking, to hide a lot of sadness.

"It got to the stage last year where I'd thought that I was on top of work, that I'd find a boyfriend and everything would be all right. But something was going wrong. On nights out I was getting obliterated. I was going out, getting s**t-faced and I wasn't enjoying it."

The singer tried to mask his feelings by spending recklessly and turning to porn, adding, "Addictions can be anything. Last year I moved into my new house, my album went to number one and I was miserable. And it doesn't even help when you have loads of money.

"I've got money. I'd buy houses and get nothing from it. Bought cars - got nothing from it. I've gone out and spent £5,000 in (U.K. department store) Selfridges - and nothing. I don't even wear the stuff. All those things I thought would bring me happiness, don't... It never moved into sex addiction. For me, it was love addiction, and fantasy. I was probably addicted to porn."

Young believes his problems stem from the shame he felt about his sexuality as a youngster, insisting, "What I've realised is that growing up knowing I was gay from a young age, I always felt extremely ashamed. It's a big cliche, but it's true. I've only just realised how s**t that's made me feel about myself for a very, very long time."

However, he admits writing his new autobiography, Funny Peculiar, helped him turn a corner: "Without wishing to sound dramatic, I think it kept me going."