Will Young has likened making an album to a ''fermentation process''.

The 36-year-old pop star's new record is titled '85% Proof', and Will has revealed the name stems from a strong type of alcohol called Moonshine.

Recalling how the title came about, Will explained: ''When they brewed it they wouldn't know how strong it was, so the only way they could tell was by drinking it, which at that level they got s**t-faced.

''I thought it was interesting that with listening to music, I don't know how good something is [until I try it], so it's like a fermentation process. It has to be tasted to be able to tell.''

Will - whose last album 'Echoes' was released in 2011 - revealed his twin brother Rupert was central to the naming of his latest record.

He told Digital Spy: ''It just caught my imagination, and I hate all of my album titles. Apart from 'Echoes' actually, oh and I like 'Friday's Child', but the rest sound like self help books.

''I just thought, 'Oh God here we go again - what am I going to say this time?' Then my brother sort of said, 'Well what about this?'''