Will Young ''can't wait'' to have children.

The 39-year-old singer is planning to raise a family of his own eventually but doesn't think he'd be able to cope as a single parent.

He said: ''I can't wait to have kids. I totally will, be it fostering or adopting.

''I don't know if I'd want to have kids if I wasn't in a relationship because I feel I wouldn't be able to do it as a single parent. Could that become too isolating?''

But for now, the 'Leave Right Now' hitmaker is content with his two dogs - most of the time.

He told Red magazine: ''They do make me happy. I've got a dachshund and a border terrier.

''There's a real closeness. They are like kids - completely dependent. Sometimes I hate them, though.''

Will shot to fame when he won the first series of 'Pop Idol' in 2002, but it isn't a route to stardom he'd want to see his future children undertake.

He said: ''I don't think I'd want my kid going into it.

''Saturday night TV shows are all about getting out there live and doing it. I can't watch them

''There's no difference between that and people going to see gladiators at the coliseum.''

Last year, Will repeatedly hit out at then-education secretary Nicky Morgan for neglecting LGBT mental health in schools and failing to respond to homophobic bullying, and he admits his drive to make a difference stems from his ''maternal feeling''.

He said: ''I've developed a maternal feeling - like a lioness.

''Over the last five years I sorted a lot of my s**t out. Now I feel more protective of younger people and vulnerable people. I want to do more for the world.''