Will Young started singing to express a ''pain'' inside him.

The 'Leave Right Now' hitmaker found music was an outlet for his pain and negative feelings, which he couldn't get out through talking.

He told The Sunday Times' Culture magazine: ''I have a theory that that's why people want to sing. Because they have a pain in them that they just need to express. And I'm sure that's why I wanted to sing. It must be that - some yearning to express something that I couldn't express by talking.''

Meanwhile, the 'Evergreen' hitmaker - who shot to fame after winning ITV singing competition 'Pop Idol' in 2002 - previously explained why he chose to take some time out to be an actor after his 2011 album 'Echos' because he gets ''frustrated'' with the fact he can't play any other characters with his own music.

He said: ''I think funnily enough the two things that changed or jettisoned my creativity was doing a film called 'Mrs. Henderson' and then doing 'Cabaret'. They both came at the perfect time - I just needed to be reminded that I can play other roles and explore characters. In pop I get frustrated with the fact that it's always me - I really love being me but I don't find it as liberating as playing a character on stage, because then I can really do what I want. The songs in my pop career have been really liberating, that's the storytelling, but ultimately I'm always me. So I need to have these projects that come along at the right moment to remind me that I can play other people on stage.''