Will Smith and his wife take "crazy risks" in their sex life.

Jada Pinkett Smith, who wed Will in 1997, has revealed the couple keeps their marriage interesting by making love in unusual places.

She said: "My husband and I always make time for sex! Always! No matter how busy we are. And if I told you the places! You would not even believe!

"It's crazy the risks that we take, but that's what keeps it so much fun. It's been eye-opening how much the connection between my husband and me has deepened."

Jada, 37, admits she is shocked their union has lasted so long because she never planned to commit to anyone.

The 'HawthoRNe' star explained to Good Housekeeping magazine: "I never thought that I'd be married to anybody, and I surely never thought that I'd be married to anybody as long as I've been married to him. And I plan on being married to him for the rest of my life."