Hollywood actor Will Smith is finding the job of having his own house built so stressful, he's advising everybody from attempting to create their own homes.

The MEN IN BLACK star and his stunning wife Jada Pinkett Smith have spent a number of years overseeing work on their California mansion, which they plan to live in with their three children.

But Smith admits it's all becoming a little too much for his stress levels.

He says, "Listen everybody; I'm into having a good, powerful, bustling American economy, but don't build no house!

"We're building a house from the ground. We've been building for about seven years now. And a guy handed me a book with 1,000 screws in it and asked me, 'What screws do you want in the light switches?' I said, 'Boy, if you don't pick of them damn screws' Then what happens is, 'You pick a screw and then your wife says, 'Baby, why did you pick that screw?'

"The problem is that you build your dream home, but then you're seven years older so it's the house you used to want real bad!

"We've got about seven more months (before we move in). Everybody is excited because we went (to the house) and we let the kids come in and they picked out their rooms. Some of them are not gonna live there because they're gonna have their own home by the time we actually move in!"

15/07/2004 09:24