Will Smith has been named the most powerful actor in the US after topping a recent poll by American magazine Newsweek.

The annual list normally features Tom Cruise as the top dog in the movie world, although Smith's worldwide takings of £2 billion at the box office have propelled him up the list.

Newsweek's list is based on how much actors' films take on their opening weekend, with the MEN IN BLACK star's movies considered the only ones guaranteed to be a hit.

One producer told the Sun: "Let's put it this way. There's WILL SMITH and then there are the mortals.

"Will is the only thing in this business, the only thing, that guarantees an opening weekend."

Others in the top five include Pirates Of The Caribbean star Johnny Depp, funnyman Ben Stiller, movie hunk Brad Pitt and MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE actor TOM CRUISE.

However, Cruise's recent antics in interviews and the high coverage of his private life with wife Katie Holmes seems to have turned off movie goers, leaving the TOP GUN star to slip to second behind the indefatigable Smith.

03/04/2007 11:28:52