They've been through a lot have Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett-Smith, from having kids to the usual tabloid rumors, and yet fifteen years on the pair still seem just as in love as ever. The actor was chatting to People Magazine at last week's 'Men In Black 3' premiere in New York and happily talked about how they'd managed to maintain a successful marriage in the face of intense scrutiny.
"We make the effort to always put the family first," the star explained, "Being there for each other and being present with our kids is the most important thing. I take being a parent very seriously." Continuing, he added "What's helped us is being supportive, no matter what the situation is," he says. "I'm so lucky to have someone like Jada. She's really an incredible woman, wife and mother."
Fifteen years on Smith still sounded utterly grateful that Pinkett-Smith had come into his life; he explained "she is just absolutely hardcore, like she absolutely is unfazed by the weight and the pressures of life. She is so calm and cool and easy in any situation. She can bear anything, and I just love that about her." This weekend just past, 'Men In Black 3' finally knocked 'The Avengers' off the top of the US Box Office after its incredible showing over the past month, putting Smith's profile firmly back on top of the pile.