Will Smith was amused by a recent tabloid story about him being turned away from a Prince concert, because he was asleep at home during the night in question.

An American publication claimed the I, ROBOT star and his pals turned up to see the PURPLE RAIN singer perform but stormed off after the venue's security refused to let Smith in for free.

Smith says, "Apparently I couldn't get in because I wanted my crew in and the tickets were $100 a piece, so I said, 'I am not paying to see this concert', and I left. The truth was, I was in bed asleep when it supposedly happened.

"People just could not possibly imagine that they made up everything."

The 35-year-old also laughed off reports he spent $1.8 million (GBP1 million) on fitting out his movie set trailer.

Smith explains, "You are starting with that? That is terrible and a million dollars exaggerated.

"People couldn't possible imagine that somebody could make something up like that as we see stuff all the time - especially in New York. When you are there, you read stuff in the paper all the time. You just gotta ignore it."

03/08/2004 09:09