Will Smith fully embraced technology while making new sci-fi film I, ROBOT - he created his new single on his lap-top computer.

Unlike his technophobe character in the hit film, Smith is a huge fan of gadgets and when he found he could record a tune from his hotel room, he made the most of the latest technology.

He explains, "There's a music programme, called Reason, that connects to another music programme, called ProTools. I have an album coming out for Christmas (04), and I just recorded my first single from inception, creating the music, laying the vocals, everything in a hotel room.

"I mixed it on my laptop on a plane flying back to Los Angeles and it's just insane to me. I burned a CD so I have everything in my G4 titanium laptop.

"That it's come to that point is just beautiful to me."

20/07/2004 09:15