Rapper-turned-actor Will Smith is executive producing a revival of TOM COLE's 1976 play MEDAL OF HONOR RAG, starring hip-hop veteran Heavy D.

The play, to be directed by actor Delroy Lindo, tells the story of a clinically depressed Vietnam veteran and his relationship with a New York psychiatrist.

Heavy D, real name DWIGHT MYERS, tells ALLHIPHOP.COM, "It's the most challenging work I've done to date. So many brothers who came home back (from the war) had to deal with so much depression and the fact that there was nothing waiting for them at home.

"I'm honoured to be directed by Delroy Lindo. Will Smith, who has been a friend of mine for since we both started, has been very supportive and encouraging."

Rehearsals for the play start next week (ends22APR05) and the show runs from 1 June (05) until 11 July (05) in Los Angeles.

19/04/2005 09:04