Will Smith was forced to seek acting advice from his eight-year-old son JADEN on the set of new film THE PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS. The Independence Day star's kid makes his feature film debut in the heart-warming new movie, which is based on a real-life story - and he was stunned with Jaden's acting insight. Smith explains, "He changed the way that I act. We were on the set one day... and he was doing stuff and I'm really struggling with this scene (and) he looked up to me and he said, 'You do the same thing every time, daddy.' "What he was saying is that that's not natural, that's not real and he was actually living in every moment and listening and paying attention, whereas I had this performance prepared that I wanted to deliver. "He broke me and we went into a space where we would just be in the scenes and we'd just talk." Smith and his boy play a father and son who were forced to live on the streets due to a series of unfortunate circumstances.