Will Smith has inspired rising actor SHIA LaBEOUF to aim for superstardom, after the 18-year-old had a chance to view the list of luxuries in his elaborate trailer.

LaBeouf appears alongside Smith in the upcoming science-fiction thriller I, ROBOT - and he was stunned at just how fancy the ALI star's temporary home was.

He says, "The coolest thing was going into Will's trailer. You've got to understand - this man's trailer has three levels.

"I didn't go to all three, but on the one I did go to, there's a studio where he makes his music. It's got marble floors. And his kids have a game room. His whole posse's in there.

"It's insane. I've never seen anything like it. My trailer had a toilet and three cans of SPRITE."

18/06/2004 19:35