Actor Will Smith has a tough time making steamy love scenes for movies - because he hates being told how to have sex.

The ALI star, married to actress Jada Pinkett-Smith, admits getting passionate in front of a horde of cameras is never quite as fun as it may seem - no matter who his co-star is.

He says, "When you do a love scene it's actually uncomfortable. I know it doesn't seem like that because when you see it in the movie, there's music and violins and people naked rolling around.

"But in real life there's like 40 people standing on the set and watching. And they're saying, 'Will, your ass cheek is sticking out a little too far. You're blocking the side, so can you bring your ass in?'

"I'm like, 'I know how to do this - you're messing up my vibe.'"

04/07/2003 02:28