A man who stole rapper/actor Will Smith's identity to obtain $33,000 worth of credit cards has been sent back to prison for two years after violating probation.

Pittsburgh Judge ALAN N BLOCH ruled Tuesday (27DEC05) that 45-year-old CARLOS LOMAX was "not amenable" to probation after failing to rehabilitate himself following his release in June (05).

Lomax was originally sentenced to 37 months behind bars after pleading guilty to opening 14 bogus credit accounts in the Pennsylvania city under Smith's legal birth name WILLARD C SMITH.

Lomax previously ran up a $81,000 (GBP45,000) debt under the false identity of Atlanta Hawks basketball player Steve Smith.

His attorney MARK LANCASTER argued his client was working in Atlanta, Georgia, and planned to repay the $64,000 (GBP36,000) he owes to financial companies and other victims.