Will Smith cried his ''eyes out'' while watching 'Collateral Beauty'.

The 48-year-old actor plays the lead as Howard Inlet in the new drama movie and Will has admitted he found it difficult to detach himself from his intense role, which sees Howard deal with a tragedy as he reaches out to the universe and writes letters to Love, Time and Death.

Will said: ''I generally try not to go method acting where I'm actually allowing character's thoughts to drift in to my own, so I try and separate and think like that as much as possible.

''But it was much more watching the film where it started to hit me in that way, it's a beautiful film. I cried my eyes out when I watched it, I'm a big softie.''

And while the Hollywood star has fulfilled other emotional roles during his career, he insisted that his new character had been one of his most touching.

Speaking at the 'Collateral Beauty' film premiere in London on Thursday (15.12.16), Will told the Daily Mail newspaper: ''It's a beautiful Christmassy kind of concept. It's deeply and profoundly emotional, but there are some wonderful ideas.

''It's the kind of film that if it hits you in the right way, you can really take something away from it which is beautiful.''

Will's co-star Edward Norton, who plays Whit Yardsham, also spoke at the event in which he referred to working with Will and the cast as ''a dream''.

He said: ''I think people have to find their own interpretation of it, when you find something that you like.

''It's a delight, it's a privilege and same with the cast, it's amazing and incredible working with Kate Winslet, Helen Mirren and Will Smith - it's a dream.''