Hollywood couple Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith have been hailed the ultimate relationship gurus by Bring It On beauty Gabrielle Union.

The sexy actress, 29, became close pals with the photogenic pair while she worked with Smith on the Miami, Florida, set of their new movie Bad Boys II.

And Union quickly found herself getting marital advice from the couple whenever things got tough between her and her husband, former American football player CHRIS HOWARD.

She says, "It's freakish - they should goon a national tour of marriage seminars. You watch them on OPRAH and think there's just no way it's for real, but they really do work through it.

"It's all about those kids and what's best for those kids and putting aside the petty BS."

Union admits keeping her two-year marriage afloat can be tough at times - especially as she jets around the world to make movies, while her husband stays in Los Angeles, where he works for TV network FOX SPORTS.

She adds, "It's hard to work at sharing space when you're used to being away. It's a challenge to maintain face-to-face communication when all you've had is the phone. You get home, wake up that second day and think, 'You again? I have to see you again?'"

20/07/2003 21:22