Will Smith knew his wife Jada Pinkett Smith was the woman for him when he learned they shared a passion for hip-hop.

The screen stars were set up on a date in the 90s by actor Duane Martin and his wife Tisha Campbell-Martin.

And rapper and actor Smith was pleasantly surprised when, soon after he'd met his future bride, she let out a yelp of satisfaction when she heard a favourite hip-hop track start on his car stereo.

Smith tells ESSENCE magazine, "I was fooling around with the CD changer and (SUGAR HILL GANG's) APACHE came on. Now, any woman who screams out 'Woooo!' for Apache - I just knew.

"Hip-hop dictated our friendship. The music and the experiences around it were the framework of our outlook on friendship, politics and relationships."

But it was her husband's versatility that impressed Pinkett Smith the most.

She says, "I knew he'd kill to protect me. But I also knew he'd do everything in his power to talk his way out of ever having to.

"Look, I need a man who can take me to the Ice Cube concert one night, and then party with President (BILL) CLINTON the next. Brainiac, thug - it's hard to find both in the same guy.

"But I'm that type of chick, so I need a guy who can deal in many different circles. I like all those aspects of Will."

27/01/2005 09:39