Hollywood couple Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith have turned their extended family life into a new sitcom - and it has been given the go ahead for the small screen.

The couple have written a storyline about a man, a wife and an ex-wife - based on their own family dynamic with Smith's ex-wife SHEREE and her son TREY.

Jada even hopes the new show, which will begin later this year (03), will help other divorced couples.

She says, "It's a show about a blended family - a man who has gone through a divorce and who has remarried, and it's basically about these three people - an ex-wife, a man and a new wife trying to get along for the sake of a wonderful little boy.

"I came up with the idea because I think that Sheree and I have done such a good job in being able to overcome our differences and handle this like two mature, grown women.

"Considering we live in this divorce culture we really don't have enough material out there that kind of helps people deal with divorce with children involved."

The new UPN series will star Lisa Raye, Duane Martin and Elise Neal, and Pinkett Smith will make appearances.

15/05/2003 09:13