Sony's "experiment," in which it plans to stream Hancock, starring Will Smith, to Internet-connected Bravia TV-set owners immediately after its theatrical run (and before it is released on DVD), may set the stage for companies to bypass traditional content distributors like networks, cable TV, and satellite companies, the New York Times indicated today (Monday). The newspaper quoted Sony CFO Robert Wiesenthal as saying, "The Internet is not only a great place to reach Web sites, but it's also a great way to deliver conventional content. And at the end of the day, it's about getting entertainment back into the living room." But while Sony may be using its film studio and consumer electronics units to experiment with new ways of delivering home entertainment, it is unlikely that it can corner the market in that area, the Times article suggested. It noted that following Sony's announcement, Pali research analyst Richard Greenfield wrote, "While the content offered is only from Sony today, we expect other studios to follow if consumer interest becomes apparent."