With Sony Films seemingly poised to extend its record of 12 No. 1 opening weekends this year with the premiere of the Will Smith starrer The Pursuit of Happyness on Friday, the studio is crediting "a genuine synergy between marketing and production" for its success. In an interview with today's (Tuesday) Los Angeles Daily News, Matt Tolmach, co-president of production at Sony, commented, "When we fall in love with a script, we have to consider if it's marketable or releasable and if they have a slot and if we feel confident about packaging the right stars in the right movie at the right time." Tolmach pointed to the $750-million worldwide gross of The De Vinci Code to underscore his point, describing it as "a huge selling piece of source material with built-in awareness." The studio's worldwide box-office take for the year has already exceeded $3 billion -- a figure that Media by Numbers president Paul Dergarabedian attributed not only to "great talent and great filmmakers" but also "a marketing and distribution team that is perfectly in sync with what the marketplace wants."