Movie star Will Smith struggled to woo women before meeting wife JADA - his confidence took a beating after a gorgeous classmate broke his heart at school.
The Men In Black star admits that, despite his confident demeanour, he felt uneasy with women ever since he was snubbed by his boyhood crush while growing up in Pennsylvania.
He tells Pride magazine, "I have had only five girlfriends in my entire life. I needed to know the chick a long time before I even said anything. The problem was, I could never put myself out there. At school, I was madly in love with this girl. Her name was Charlene Brown. During a school assembly, I caught her eye, and to this day I do not know why, but I screamed out, 'Hey Charlene, how are you feeling?' And over 1,000 students' heads I heard her shout back, 'Too good for you!'
"From that moment, I never approached or said a word to a girl unless I was absolutely certain that she liked me. You never forget. Even with the wife, I make sure she is in the mood before I approach. Charlene never leaves your head."