Hollywood hunk Will Smith re-recorded all of his scenes in new animated movie SHARK TALE - because his six-year-old son wasn't happy with his performance.

The 36-year-old actor relies on his son JADEN's advice on which movie roles to accept or reject, so when Jaden complained the voice he provides for OSCAR - a small fish who tells a big lie for fame and fortune - was "too goofy" Smith raced back to the studio to do the cartoon all over again.

He explains, "I had finished the film and I took Jaden to see it. He's really my guru. He's the one who tells me whether my work is good or not. He tells me if I'm in the ball park or not and whether my character works.

"So when I took him to see Shark Tale he watched it and gave me his verdict. He told me 'You're too goofy, Daddy'. I was like, 'Wow, if he thinks I'm too silly I have to do it again.'

"I went back and re-recorded the entire film. I found points in the movie to use more emotion and to get rid of some of the silliness. I had to get it out of the silly zone."

29/09/2004 02:41