Will Smith knows exactly how to get a lady in the mood for sex on a date - by knocking out a man in front of her.

The INDEPENDENCE DAY star believes it's important to wow a woman with a succession of mood changes, and suddenly converting a romantic night into a fist fight is the best way to do it.

Smith says, "The best thing you can do is a radical change of gears while you're out with a woman at dinner.

"So you're out, you're laughing and everything is beautiful. Then a guy comes up and insults her and you stretch up and knock him clean out.

"What that says is you're really fun, loose, warm-hearted, you can have a good time but when it's time to do damage, you can do damage.

"So you want to orchestrate a change of gears that is shocking. Women think that is sexy."

25/11/2004 17:11