Will Smith gave up on dating when he was a teenager after he was cruelly snubbed by his high school sweetheart.

The movie star blames high school beauty CHARLENE BROWN for killing his interest in the opposite sex because she made him feel small and insignificant in front of his friends.

Smith recalls, "There was a big assembly and I thought, 'This is my chance.' I screamed out, 'Hey, Charlene, what's up? How are you feeling?' And she screams back, 'Too good for you.'"

Devastated Smith admits he felt insecure and rarely dated after that incident. And when he did, he took it all a little too seriously.

He adds, "I had maybe five real girlfriends... It never felt right. I always saw myself as a husband and father. I wanted to be married from the time I was 13."

03/02/2005 09:27