Will Smith understands why so many celebrities turn to drugs for comfort - they falsely expect fame to hold the key to their happiness.

The ALI star acknowledges being famous often fails to live up to people's expectations as they unrealistically believe it will wipe away all their problems - when in fact it can leave an emotional void instead.

He says, "Fame can eat a lot of people up.

"You dream about something your whole life and the hope of attaining that is what you live for. Then you achieve it and you expect all your problems to go away because now you're famous and successful.

"You have got everything you wanted - fame, money, the woman that you love - and your hope now turns to reality.

"You have everything and then there's a horrible backlash when you realise, 'Oh s***, I'm still not happy'.

"That's the thing when you see people overdosing on drugs and fighting in bars in Hollywood.

"That's people hitting the realisation that they have got everything but they're still not happy."

29/09/2004 14:48