When Hollywood tough guy Will Smith hit a friend during an argument, he put on a boxing glove so he wouldn't hurt him too much.

Smith, in peak physical condition after training to portray boxer MOHAMMED ALI in biopic ALI, knew the falling out with his pal would end up in a fight so decided to wear the glove to minimise any damage he might cause.

Smith says, "About a year-and-a-half ago I had an argument with a friend of mine and I told him, 'Just leave me alone, stop talking.'

"I was done talking, and he kept coming and coming. So I went in the garage and put a boxing glove on because I was mad at him and didn't wanna punch him with my bare hand. So I punched him with my glove on.

"If I hit someone with the right hand, they're going down. You gotta drop them good to settle them down. He was a bit annoyed but we gave him some ice and I said, 'I told you to stop talking!'"

25/11/2004 20:53