Actor Will Smith is under pressure from his famous friends to make his marriage to wife Jada Pinkett Smith work - because they're constantly coming to him for relationship advice.
The tight-knit couple are raising three children together - including one from the actor's previous relationship - and are preparing to celebrate their 11th year of married life on 31 December (08).
But Smith's famous pals have "terrified" him by marking their union as the golden standard in Hollywood.
Smith tells, "I was with (rapper) Redman the other day (and) he said, 'Man, listen. I've got this relationship that I'm trying to make work, but I'm telling you, if you and Jada don't work, I'm done.'
"That so terrifies me that there are people's lives that I can affect like that just with little stuff, not even having to do anything big.
"So I don't want to break that... I might mess something up, and that sorta keeps me in a place where I'm really focused and paying attention, and I just don't want to step wrongly."