Rapper Will Smith is still furious his actress wife Jada Pinkett Smith's film SET IT OFF was marketed only to black audiences.

The JUST THE TWO OF US singer, 35, believes the film flopped because Pinkett Smith refused to change the title of the 1996 thriller - which co-starred rapper QUEEN LATIFAH - and ignored his pleas to target the movie to white viewers.

Smith complains, "My wife made this movie a few years ago with Queen Latifah, Set it Off. It was like Thelma And Louise, it had a really powerful emotional base and a point to it.

"I was screaming, 'Please don't call it Set It Off and don't just market it to black audiences.' A 79-year-old white woman in the midwest could relate to what those characters were going through.

"The film was marginalised by the marketing, not by the content. It's a studio thing."

26/07/2004 09:40