Sexy actor Will Smith is "petrified" his new movie I, ROBOT will disappoint his British fans because of its "high-brow themes".

The star admits the science fiction thriller – in which he plays technophobic cop DEL SPOONER – has caused him more sleepless nights than any of his other films, because it's his "dream role" yet many viewers may be put off by its intellectual content.

Smith explains, "I'm more nervous than I've ever been about any movie. I, Robot is almost like a small art house film wrapped up in a summer movie. That's how we approached it.

"So I'm definitely nervous. But I love the film. I think ALI is the best performance I've ever given, and I think ENEMY OF THE STATE is the best all-round movie I've ever done. "But I like I, Robot more than both of those. It's the movie I've been threatening to make my whole career."

The film hit American screens two weeks ago (16JUL04) to rave reviews.

25/07/2004 21:28