BAD BOYS II star Will Smith made the most of his brief promotional trip to England, spending 48 hours partying in London.

The hunky actor - married to MATRIX RELOADED beauty JADA PINKETT - flew to Britain to attend the premiere of his new movie - and didn't waste time taking in the capital's vibrant nightlife.

The night before the premiere Will delighted clubbers at plush nightspot TEN ROOMS by performing a freestyle rap and dancing the night away.

Then at the aftershow party - which reportedly cost $80,000 (GBP50,000) - the INDEPENDENCE DAY star knocked back CRISTAL Champagne at the trendy SKETCH club in Soho.

Only one thing tainted the wild wild west actor's night - the absence of his wife.

He says, "It'd be cool if my wife Jada could be here, but she's filming with Tom Cruise at the moment. It's so good for the ego having all these people here for you, shouting your name."

02/10/2003 14:00