Rapper and actor Will Smith has likened American President George W Bush to evil robot VIKI in his latest film I, ROBOT.

The WILL 2K hitmaker joked to local newspaper AFTONBLADET at the Swedish premiere of the movie in Stockholm last week (ends06AUG04), "I could be president if I wanted to", despite not admiring the current job description of US leader.

Smith says, "As luck would have it, every four years, the people decide if the president gets to stay in office.

"I believe it's not going to happen.

Smith revealed he is planning to meet Democrat Presidential hopeful JOHN KERRY on his return to America, explaining, "I can be very involved."

The OSCAR-nominated actor also referred to the political message about the Bush administration in I, Robot.

He explains, "The main robot Viki says in the film that 'For the good of the people, some freedoms and some people's lives have to be sacrificed.'"

When a reporter told Smith, Viki sounds like Bush, a delighted Smith laughed, "Exactly. It's so beautiful that you get it and know where that line comes from. It's a comment about what's going on right now."

11/08/2004 09:13