Actor Will Smith turned his back on action movies, because his young son grew tired of watching him save the world.

The star was compelled to star in action thrillers Independence Day and Men In Black, because blockbuster hits like Star Wars inspired him when he was a child.

But when his six-year-old son JADEN got bored of watching Smith take on aliens, he knew it was time to try out new genres - and accept a role in romantic comedy HITCH.

He explains to Britain's EMPIRE magazine, "Star Wars was the film that made me want to make movies. So I wanted to make films like INDEPENDENCE DAY and MEN IN BLACK which would have the same sort of impact on little kids.

"But when my son Jaden saw I, ROBOT, he said, 'Daddy, that's really good, but you don't need to save the world no more.'

"So then I made Shark Tale and Hitch. I needed to mix it up."

16/03/2005 17:36