Will Smith knew his son JADEN would follow in his footsteps and become an actor - because he has a natural instinct for role play.
The Hancock star's 10-year-old son is set to play the lead in the forthcoming movie remake of the Karate Kid and his father is sure the talented youngster will be perfect - because he is destined to be an actor.
Smith says, "He just naturally has a joy, a love, for people and for emotion so it's the perfect combination to be an actor. He is so inspired to do it."
The pair emulated their father-son relationship in 2006 movie The Pursuit Of Happyness - and Smith was astounded to see his son's acting ability.
He adds, "The director of The Pursuit Of Happyness, the same as Seven Pounds, (Gabriele Muccino), he didn't speak English too well so the direction would be mumbled: 'Jayden... I need to... okay, action!'
"It worked, somehow. Jaden, he understands emotion, he's really sensitive. The business is a little scary for me with him."