Rapper/actor Will Smith felt a spiritual connection with 17th century Mughul Emperor SHAHJAHAN during his recent visit to India, because he too has built a shrine to his wife.

Smith, who flew to the country to appear on TV talent show Indian Idol last week (ends24FEB06), was fascinated with the Taj Mahal in Delhi, which Shahjahan erected for his queen Mumtaz Mahal.

And the American star believes he has an affinity with Shahjahan because he has displayed his love for his wife Jada Pinkett Smith in a similar manner.

He explains, "In my home in Los Angeles, I've built a lake and called it 'Her Lake' as a token of my love for my wife.

"I totally understand that feeling of building a monument to show your love for your woman.

"When I was walking through the Taj Mahal, I kept saying, I am that man."