Superstar actor Will Smith is confident his new movie I, ROBOT will be a big success - because science-fiction films always bring in "freaky" fans.

After the phenomenal success of his 1996 movie Independence Day, 35-year-old Smith believes sci-fi lovers are the most dedicated in the world.

He says, "I don't lose a great deal of sleep about it (a film's success). Sometimes you hit, sometimes you miss. You've just got to roll with the punches.

"With I, Robot I'm much more confident. This movie is going to hit its core audience, no problem. It's going to have those crazy, kind of freaky STAR TREK fans that cut their ears and all that s**t.

"Y'know I did INDEPENDENCE DAY too, so I know all about those kooks at the sci-fi conventions. You've got to make the most of them while they're there."

30/07/2004 17:50