Will Smith was so convinced Barack Obama would be elected the President of America on Tuesday (04Nov08) he instructed his family to capture the historic day on camera.
The movie star handed out video cameras to his wife Jada Pinkett Smith and his children and told them to film everything - so they had a permanent reminder of the election finale.
He says, "It was really important to me to capture it. I got about six video cameras, everybody in the family had video cameras and everybody videotaped their entire day.
"Jada woke us up as 6am. My daughter and I are laying in the bed and we wake up and... she's over us with the video camera.
"We filmed ourselves going down to the polls... and then at night we had the party... My parents came out and Jada's parents (came out)."
And when the big announcement about Obama's victory was getting close, Smith gathered his kids around him - supporting their emotional father.
He adds, "When Barack gave his speech... I just lost it. I was like, 'That's what I believe.'"