Will Smith credits Tom Cruise with his record-breaking box-office success - because the icon reviews his movie scripts before he takes on a new role.
The stars have become close friends over the years, and Smith admits he turns to Cruise for advice before signing on to a film.
Smith tells Newsweek, "I was so used to competition between other artists that I just didn't get him at first. And then Tom just broke it down to me and said, 'Will, we are not competing, so don't think that way.' That blew my mind because that is not how this business works at all...
"He looks over my scripts and everything. When I did I Am Legend, I sent him the script, and he sent me back four hours of notes and changes. He did more work on I Am Legend than I did.
"Now we're looking at some projects to work on together because we have that basic understanding of each other."