Will Smith fears he couldn't survive all alone - and he'd kill himself rather than face the prospect of becoming the last man on earth. The movie star plays the last surviving, living person in New York following a terrible disaster in new film I Am Legend, but he admits he couldn't exist without human contact for real. He says, "I'm outta here. I'm going to the nearest bridge! "It's such a primal, childlike idea to wish everybody was gone and you were by yourself, but, as much as people get on your nerves on the freeway, as much as people irritate you through your daily life, if you took everyone away and had it exactly the way you want it, it would be the most miserable existence. "I walked down the middle of Fifth Avenue (in New York), which we had cleared out for six blocks... and, as cool as that is, it's only cool because when we yell 'Cut,' there's 10,000 people on the other side. "There was absolutely no pleasure for me at all experiencing that amount of loneliness and solitude in the film. I love people, so that's hard for me not having anybody else around." The Ali star reveals he studied prisoners of war to get into the mindset of a person who spends days after days alone: "I found a guy, Geronimo Pratt, who had been in isolation in prison. He said, 'You would schedule things like cleaning your nails and you'd have two hours to clean your nails and that was the only way to maintain sanity. "But he struggled - he remembers sitting in his cell one time and for about four hours he was trying to remember what his fingers were called!"