Will Smith was disappointed he missed out on an Oscar for his role in THE PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS - because he was convinced it was "my time".
The star has received two Best Actor Academy Award nominations to date - for Ali in 2001, and again for the 2006 drama.
He was beaten to the podium in 2002 by Denzel Washington - for his role in the critically-acclaimed Training Day - and he and lost out to Forest Whitaker's Last King of Scotland portrayal at the 2007 Academy Awards.
But Smith admits it was Whitaker's win that upset him the most.
He says, "Denzel took it for Training Day; fantastic film. When you can get nominated and invited to the (Oscars) party, it's huge. (But) I can always tell when things aren't right for me at the time; I didn't feel like that was the time.
"But, for Pursuit of Happyness, I actually felt like it was my time and I still didn't win it! I was like, 'Hey, it's my time! Wait, hold on, that other boy's taken my thing!'"