Will Smith and Jon Voight are teaming up to bring an Italian children's film festival to Hollywood.

The odd couple are huge fans of the annual GIFFONI FESTIVAL and they're planning to champion a sister event in Los Angeles next month (APR05).

In a statement released on Friday (25MAR05), Smith said, "We're lending our support because of its focus on young people. The festival will provide a forum for young film enthusiasts and open the doors to Hollywood for a new generation."

The festival's judges and jury will be made up of youngsters between the ages of nine and 17 from all over the world.

Voight adds, "I've been working to bring this festival over to Hollywood for years, and I couldn't be more excited to see it finally taking place.

"The first time I had the privilege of participating in the festival I was captivated by the honesty, passion and energy that the kids bring to the cinematic experience."

28/03/2005 01:37