The Men in Black trailer premiered on Monday (December 12, 2011) and received a huge response on Twitter as fans of the franchise eagerly await the latest instalment nearly a decade since the sequel. Initially 'Men In Black' saw Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones play secret agents in charge of keeping the identity and threat of alien life secret from the general public; released back in 1997 it was a huge success, grossing $587 million worldwide and cementing Will Smith's rise following the jump that his previous year's role in 'Independence Day' had given him after half a decade starring in 'The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air'. For co-star Jones, meanwhile, it was a welcome respite from a number of years struggling to find another sizeable role following the success of 1993's critically acclaimed 'The Fugitive'.

The sequel in 2002 disappointed in comparison, gaining mixed reviews and grossing less than half the amount its predecessor had, but with much water under the bridge since expectations are high again, and the recently released trailer has merely added to that, showing Smith's character Agent Jay heading back in time to find what appears to be a younger version of his partner K - played by Josh Brolin.

Twitter has reacted strongly to the clip, user Chezneyrocks tweeting "Holy shizzle just seen the Men in Black 3 trailer.....I'm in love. Can't wait for next summer," and CosmicJase stating "Men in Black 3 trailer looks the absolute s**t. Looks like it was made in the 90's. Not a bad thing." These were just two of thousands of positive comments meaning that next summer could be a momentous one for MIB.