The third film in the Men in Black franchise is due for release in May 2012 and a trailer uploaded onto YouTube today reveals that the regular stars, Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are on fine form with the wisecracks. There's plenty of physical comedy on display, too, with Smith getting himself pinned up against the shutters of a shop and battling with a barmaid with a remarkably elasticated tongue.
The third instalment of the Men in Black films finds time turned on its head - something that Emma Thompson has to explain to Will Smith Smith's character (Agent J) then has to travel back in time to meet the younger version of his partner - played by Tommy Lee Jones. Men In Black III also stars Josh Brolin and Jemaine Clement (of Flight of the Conchords), whilst Bill Hader plays the role of Andy Warhol, whom Agent J encounters as he travels back in time to the swinging '60s. Clement plays the role of the baddie, Boris. He appears to look like a biker in human form, in the trailer shot, but it's unclear how his fully transformed alien look will pan out.
It's been rumored that the pop sensation Lady GaGa will make a brief cameo in the movie, though her record label have yet to confirm this. E! Online have analysed the trailer and pinpointed what they think is a purple-wigged Gaga in a silver dress.