What is there to differentiate between Men in Black, Men In Black 2 and the latest release, Men In Black 3? Not much, according to Nick Pinkerton (The Village Voice), unless you opt to shell out a little bit extra for the 3D version. And even then, it seems, the main difference is going to be in the weight of your purse. So far, the movie, starring Will Smith, has been rated at a 'fair-to-middling- 66 per cent on the Rotten Tomatoes review aggregating site, with the over-riding opinion hovering somewhere around 'it's OK, if you like that kind of thing."

Some critics, such as Time Out's Trevor Johnston, have questioned whether or not we really needed a third Men In Black film, given that the first two seemed to have nailed the concept pretty thoroughly. In his review, Johnston comments "I'm still not convinced anyone really needs it, but this is a respectable effort in the circumstances." Roger Ebert surmised the movie in a particularly contrite manner, though suggested that it is "better than the first one."

Hollywood Reporter's John De Fore manages to put aside his excitement for The Hunger Games trilogy and Avengers for a few moments and accept the inevitable success of Men In Black 3, saying "It's hard to imagine it won't be a hit, and hard to begrudge that success, no matter how saturated we are with comic-book properties and sequels". Will Smith's latest foray into the alien world is hardly going to set the world alight but fans of the franchise will be satisfied with their latest 3D efforts.